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    Basic green 4

    Product Name: Basic Green 4

    H.S. Code: 3204140000

    Color Index: C.I. Basic Green 4

    Molecular Formula: C25H28N2O2

    Other Names: AcrylBrilliant Green B; Aizen Malachite Green; Aizen Malachite Green Crystals; Aizenmalachite green liquid; Aniline green; Astra Malachite Green; Astra MalachiteGreen B; Astra Malachite Green BXX; Atlantic Malachite Green; Basacryl GreenX-BF; Basic Green 4; Basonyl Green 830; Basonyl Green NB 832; Benzal Green;Benzaldehyde green

    properties: It is soluble in water and alcohol.

    Use: Dyeing of acrylic fibres, silk, wool and cotton fiber; also applied in the dyeing of leather, hemp, bamboo, wood, paper and mosquito-repellent incense; widely used in the color matching of cationic black and as bactericide and fish medicine in fish breeding industry